Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

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How to Apply Ceramic Coating

How to Apply Ceramic Coating

To get the best results from a ceramic coating, it is vital the surface to be coated is perfectly clean, being completely free from waxes, silicone coatings as well as dust and other pollutants. If this is not done, the coating will not be able to bond to the surface.

Coating should not be applied to freshly painted surfaces. These must be totally cured and stable before a coating can be added.

The key to optimal performance of your Nano ceramic coating is ensuring its applied correctly. Follow all the steps of paint correction you have learned and the steps for applying ceramic coating and you will receive a glass-like finish with lasting results and optimal paint protection.

STEP 1- Apply rubber gloves and wipe entire vehicle with 70% isopropyl alcohol which will ensure all wax and grease has removed from the surface. 

STEP 2- Using black foam pad and 1 mini white suede, you will lay one white suede over the foam side of your foam pad. (There is a hard side and a soft foam side). After laying your suede strip over your pad you will flip it over and grip the pad while holding the microfiber in place. 

STEP 3- While holding your pad and cloth, flip your hand over and apply 6-8 drops of Ti22 Base Coat in a row across the longer area of your suede strip. Make sure the cloth is completely moistened with Ti22 and then apply to the finish of vehicle swiftly and evenly by wiping in one direction.

STEP 4- You want to work in small sections of each panel. For example, on a door divide into 4 quarters doing 1 quarter at a time. Working on your first quarter of the panel, begin with your applicator flat on the panel in the top left corner smoothly wiping ceramic straight down.

STEP 5 – WAIT 10 MINUTES. Using a clean full-size microfiber towel folded in half, then into quarters, wipe entire panel you just applied ceramic coating to with a soft touch no pressure. Remove all spots and product.

STEP 6 – WAIT 1 HOUR. Now you will apply the topcoat (not the same product). This product is specifically to be applied over your ceramic coating base coat. The top coat is applied in the same manner as the base coat. Inspect your area from all directions making sure you have covered the space entirely. 

Remove Excess Material With Microfiber Towel
Wrap Black Applicator With White Suede & Apply To Paint

How to Apply Ceramic Coating

Wipe Ti22 on in One Direction and Let Cure for 5-10 Minutes
Remember to Apply to Only One Panel At a Time
After Buffing for 30 Seonds, Repeat Process


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