Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

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Ceramic Spray Booster


Ceramic Booster

Ti22’s Ceramic Booster provides the much needed protection of SiO2. It features an exclusive blend of advanced silane polymer technology combined with SiO2 to maintain an ultra-slick, insane- gloss finish in between more significant washing and protection processes.

This spray gives existing ceramic coatings the “boost” they need, and acts as a super glossy sacrificial outer layer. Engineered to provide protection for up to 6 months, and fully capable of serving as a stand-alone form of temporary protection, King of Car Care’s Ceramic Coating Spray offers DIY enthusiasts the best of both worlds. Furthermore, this product is guaranteed to work with the rest of the King of Car Care lineup of products.

You’ve already made the investment into your vehicle to go through and perfect the paint on your car and protect it with the top tier in products. After applying Ceramic Coating, the most durable of its kind, you can’t just walk away and forget about it. Although superior to conventional waxes, ceramic coatings do require general upkeep from time to time to keep them performing like the day we applied it. In a way, it can weaken over time and your investment can be jeopardized through lack of upkeep. In this segment, we’ll teach you what symptoms to look for in your coating, why it’s important to properly maintain your ceramic coating, how you can do so, and how often you should keep up with maintenance.


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