Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle with Professional Results

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Micro Fiber Towels (12 Pack)


Micro Fiber Towels (12 pack)

Use Ti22 Microfiber Towels to clean anything of your car including Interior, Exterior, Windows, Mirrors, Wheels, Vinyl, Leather or Plastic. Each towel is manufactured with Polyester and Polyamide, and has a standard overlock stitched edge and soft working surface The towels contain numerous small polyester and polyamide strands that allow people to clean their vehicle more effectively without the use of chemicals.

Ti22 Microfiber Towels are a cost effective solution for automobile cleaning, and absorb up to seven times their own weight. The soft fibers are designed not to scratch delicate paint surfaces. Moreover, these towels are completely machine washable and reusable. The ultra-soft material of towels promises streak free shines on windows, mirrors and other surfaces of the vehicle. You can wash and re-use them anytime you want.

Note: The color of the towels may vary from what you actually receive. Potential colors are: blue, yellow, green, black or gray.


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